My 825 credit score… How I earned it.

I have a credit card that provides my FICO score as a benefit.  I keep close tabs on this, and can view as adjustments are made.  I track closely and want to share my tips for how I reached this level.  For your information, the max credit score is 850 and I read on that 13% of the population lands between 800 & 850.

1) I never, ever miss payments!  When a bill shows in the mail, I pay it THAT DAY.  I don’t wait for the deadline date for fear I may forget.  This is the biggest way to improve  your score.   Even if I don’t have the money in the account, I’ll set the bill pay date fcredit scoreor out in the future when I know the money will be in the account.  The main point is that the bill is scheduled and will be paid on time.  You miss one payment and they will ding you.

2) I don’t carry balances.  I charge most everything just for points status, but I pay it all off during the month of purchase, and I don’t buy anything that I can’t afford to pay in cash regardless.  If I can’t afford it in cash, I don’t need to buy it.

3) The only debt I carry is my mortgage.  No car is worth the debt for me.  Why tie money up in a depreciating asset??? Makes no sense to me.

Three easy steps.  Nothing to it.  Anyone can do it.  This isn’t rocket science though people try to make this personal finance game more difficult than it needs to be.   Good luck…


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