Side Hustles & the “Big Game”

SIDEHUSTLEFor those of you not familliar with the term “side hustle,” it refers to picking up work outside your normal means of making money.

I’m always looking for ways of creating extra money outside of my current job.  With the Super Bowl here in Phoenix this week and everyone making money, I wanted in myself.  Thus on Friday I put an add on Craigslist offering a ride to and from the game for $100.

Well I received a call on Sunday morning.  Two round trips  for the same group, and I had earned $180.  Minus gas, I netted about $165.  No complaints there.  This should cover all my groceries for two months.  Not bad for 4 hours of driving.

So what I’m trying to say, is that there’s always ways to make money.  You just need to be creative.  People always need something done.  Scour Craigslist and other local bulletin bords to find a “job” that fits the skills you already have.  There’s value in what you can do just outside of your job.

I’ve already picked up my next side hustle, as I’m going to help one of my co-workers sell her baby grand piano.  I’m going to take 10% fee.  Based on comps, we are looking at about $5,000 for the piano itself.  This could be a nice $500 in my pocket.  I’m going to take the photos, do the write up and handle the Craigslist posting.  Easy money.

Also, I’ve been pretty active at selling non necessities on Craigslist.  Recently sold two space heaters for $40.  Other people want your junk!  Just take good photos, and write a good explanation of what you are selling and why.  People tend to be really cheap when buying off Craigslist, and you’ll get some lowball offers, however just turn them down.  Another person will come along.  Then just be sure to go in and update the listing every few days to have your listing bumped up to the top of all the listings in that category.  Very easy.

So get out there and hustle.  We all have free time, and I’d wrather make some money than spend time sitting in front of the TV.  And who doesn’t like cold hard cash!

It would be interesting to hear what kind of side work you’ve picked up in the past… Do tell.


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