New Years Resolutions…

There’s a lot of talk about “New Years Resolutions” when it comes to personal financial changes.  I don’t believe in them…  Saving and investing properly is hard enough, wiUnknownthout the added pressure of some “resolution.”   Besides, financial growth is a marathon, and not a sprint.  And we know that going to the gym resolutions are usually forgotten in about two months.

So here’s what I’m going to do, exactly what I’ve been doing for the last several years.  Continue to max my retirement accounts, and use automation (as discussed in my previous post) to keep adding to my non retirement accounts.  Simple as that.  It’s not rocket science.

And of course I’m always looking for additional ways to increase income and savings.  Thus if something comes up, I’ll start it today rather than wait till January 1st, 2016. To me, March 1st is no different than January 1st, and I think practicing good financial methodology is learned skill more than it is a gimmick to be pulled out upon the calendar changing.



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